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1)  All participants will have the opportunity to select songs and parts they would like to play.  Selections will be made with "Virtual Chips."  Each musician will be allotted EIGHT RED CHIPS to: either add a NEW song to The GRID, and place your instrument/vocal part in that song (with a single Red Chip); OR you can add an instrument/vocal part to an EXISTING song.  You can only use FOUR of those chips to add a NEW song, so use your Red Chips wisely.  When you add a new song to The GRID, you are designated the "SONG CAPTAIN"  and that comes with some responsibilities: You are required to initiate a new Facebook Group Page, so that you and your future team of players on that song will be able to communicate about topics such as song versions, instrumentation, time signatures, song endings, and more.  When the song has a full compliment of players, it is up to you coordinate the communication between participants on that song and mediate any relevant discussions.  Once a song roster of players is complete, the entire song "Goes Green" and will be shaded green as well. 


  a.)  Backing Vocals are FREE fields.  You will not need to use any of your chips when you choose to perform backing vocals on up to three songs. You cannot add a new song to The Grid if you are only adding a backing vocal to a song.
  b.)  If you play more than one instrument on the same song such as: Vocals & Sax, Guitar & Flute, Drums & Vocals, you will only need to use ONE CHIP for that song, and it will cover ALL the instruments and vocals you are playing in that song. :-)


2)  We ask that when you select songs, keep in mind what kind of music the audience has come to see and hear.  Also, choose songs that you truly feel have real appeal for our musicians and will fill up on The GRID.  If you choose a particularly obscure Prog song, don't be too surprised if few of the other musicians join you, and you will essentially be wasting your chip.  The same applies to songs that are "almost" Prog, but not quite (Kashmir, Strawberry Fields Forever, etc).  Hopefully all of us will think collectively about what we're doing and why, by challenging ourselves to play great Progressive Music, not just our personal faves, or songs that are easy to play.  We are also trying to avoid a "Greatest Hits" show. So please bear this in mind.

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  This year once again there will be a 7 song limit on music from any single Band/Artist.  This will help us to stay diversified and encourage us to dig a little deeper when selecting songs.

4)  SPECIAL FEATURE #1  "Purple Artist Chip"  - This year we are expecting an elevated interest in performing with us, from the CTTE Featured Artists. Those Artists will be able to add songs to The Grid that they would like to play.  They may also choose to join existing songs on the The Grid.  This year, each of us will receive TWO Purple Artist Chips which we must use if we want to join a song that an Artist adds to The Grid.  However, if an Artist joins a song you on a song that is already placed on The Grid, then you get to keep your Red Player Chip on that song, and you can use your Purple Chip on another song with a Featured Artist. 

5) SPECIAL FEATURE #2  "Blue Dream Team Chip" -  Each player will receive TWO Blue Dream Team Chips, which will allow a group of like-minded players to put together a team in advance to play a particular song.  Each player will need to use their blue ticket, and will all sign up at once on a special Dream Team Form.  As soon as the song hits The Grid, it is complete, and the Song will be shaded Blue as well.  NOTE: Each player can create two Dream Team Songs, however, there can not be more than three duplicate players on both songs.  If it is a 3-player song, there cannot be more than two duplicate players.  More details to come.


6)  SPECIAL FEATURE #3  "Gold Crown Chip"  - Each player will receive TWO Gold Crowns.  These can ONLY be used to fill the VERY LAST SLOT on any song AFTER all the other slots are filled.  Immediately after placing your Gold Crown, the song will "Go Green", the line-up will be finalized, and he song will be shaded Green.


 7)  IMPORTANT:  Once a song fills up with players, with any combination of Red Chips, Gold Crowns, Purple or Blue Chips, the song is a "GO".  At any point before a song is complete, you can request to leave a song, donate your part to a new player, or swap with a player on another song.  However, once a song is completed and shaded Green, Blue or Purple, it is your responsibility to find another musician to fill the slot that you vacated, in fairness to the other players on the song who may have been working on their parts for several weeks or months.

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