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1.)  All participants will have the opportunity to select songs and parts they would like to play.  You will do this with "Virtual Chips" that you will place on The Grid.  You may ADD new songs to The Grid, or JOIN  songs that another participant previously added.  When you ADD a new song to The Grid, you are the designated "Captain" of that song.  Once your added song has a full roster of players, as Captain it is up to you to encourage communication about topics such as song versions, instrumentation, time signatures, song endings and more, between participants on that song.  When the roster of players on your song is complete, the song also "Goes Green" and will be scheduled to be performed at The CTTE  Late Night Shows. You are allowed to add up to two parts to a single song.  EXAMPLES:  Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar,  Drums & Backing Vocals, etc.

​2.)  Choose songs that you feel have real appeal for our musicians and will fill up on The Grid.  If you choose a particularly obscure  song, don't be too surprised if very few of the other musicians join you.  This means the song may not achieve a complete roster of players, and may ultimately not be performed at Late Night Live.  You are encouraged to lobby other players to join your songs (that's part of the fun).  ​ IMPORTANT NOTE:  Initially there will be a 7 song limit on music from any single Band/Artist to encourage a broad range of music styles.   We may increase that limit as The Grid fills.   Unless otherwise noted on your Song Request Form, the "studio version" will be the default version of the song.

​3.)  Each player will start with 10 "Virtual Chips" to place on The Grid. You can use your chips to ADD and/or JOIN as many songs as you reasonably feel you want to play and are capable of learning, rehearsing and performing UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 10 SONGS (initially) per player.  You are not required to use up all your chips, or join more songs than you feel comfortable with. However, you cannot give your unused chips to another player.  Be aware that the likelihood of all your songs getting completed and "going green" are very slim. The best way to make this a great show for both you and the CTTE audience, is to initially ADD a few songs that you are really excited about playing when The Grid first opens, then JOIN a couple of songs that other players have posted. And then hold off and just watch and wait until you see some songs you think you might enjoy jumping on, that aren't getting much attention, and decide if you might want to lend a helping hand. If a song you are on does not seem to be going anywhere, you can request to drop the song so you can use your chip on a different one that may have a better chance of going green.


4.)  We will have approximately 2-1/2 hours of live music each night.   We strive for a maximum 3 to 5 minute transition between songs to maximize the amount of songs performed each evening.  As The Grid fills, we will be keeping track of how much performance time is remaining on the CTTE Late Night Live song schedule.  Once we run out of available time, The Grid will close, and any incomplete songs will be deleted.  Notifications will be posted once we get to the point that we are down to the last few songs that can be completed due to time constraints  


a.)  Whether you are a Newcomer or Alumni, don’t try choose the same player(s) to perform with on multiple songs.  Part of the fun for you and the audience is having different combinations of players on each song.

b.)  Make sure you fully read and understand the entire “HOW IT WORKS” section above and ask questions if you are unclear about anything.  You can post your questions on the Facebook "CTTE-GRID" Discussion page. Somebody is always willing to help. 

c.)  Do NOT participate if you are planning on learning your songs at the last minute!   We’ve seen it all.  People who signed up for songs many months prior, but only get around to start learning them at the last possible moment.  You may have the technical ability of your favorite prog star, but if you don't rehearse, take this thing seriously and prepare, YOU will be the reason that the song fails, and there will be about 5 different videos on YouTube afterwards that may make you (and your song team) cringe.  So if you don't think you are disciplined enough to actually learn the songs you choose, then this is probably NOT for you.

d.)  Remember, the other musicians on your songs are counting on YOU, so don't let your band mates down by missing your cues, forgetting your parts, playing a passage in the wrong key, or at the wrong tempo, etc.  Don’t get us wrong, nerves and adrenaline can get the best of us, and mistakes can happen.  That’s ok.  However, it’s fairly easy to tell if someone just got around to learning their part merely days before the event.   





This is a pre-production tool, and real-time song registration format with a set schedule, allowing participants to individually select songs, pre-rehearse at home for several weeks, or even months leading up to CTTE.  This is a multi-faceted event assembled by our Late Night Live Production Team and a core of volunteer musicians, in order provide our participating attendees the chance to give it their all at the "CTTE Late Night Live Prog Experience".   Did you get all that?  ;-)



The CTTE Late Night Live Prog Experience is for any talented passenger/musician who is up for learning some challenging songs and performing them in front of a large crowd of Progressive Music fans and the other musicians who will also be performing.  There is also a chance that you will perform WITH or IN FRONT OF many of the CTTE "Featured Performers."   The level of musicianship we are seeking is semi-pro to professional level, so be sure to bring your personal A-game!  The best way to find out if you’re the right fit is to sign up and submit your audition link(s).


Firstly,  you do NOT need to send an audition audio or video sample if you have ever previously signed up and/or performed on Cruise To The Edge.   Simply go right to “The Song Grid” tab on this website and choose the relevant link to propose new songs and/or join existing songs. If you have never performed on any of the CTTE Late Night Shows, please click the "Sign Up" Button on the main Grid Page, and follow the instructions at the top of the page.

Your audition does not necessarily have to be a high budget production. Some auditions have been nothing more than a clip of themselves playing along to a song while in front of a cellphone or iPad, while others have provided full-on concert-quality footage.  You should submit one or two links on the sign-up form, preferably a minute or two of video showcasing your singing or instrumental ability.  We try to be very inclusive, and are always here to answer your questions and concerns, as well as coach you if needed. The production team must be able to gauge your credibility when it comes to performing with others who will be relying on your understanding of musical elements such as tempo, key changes, dynamics, syncopation, odd meters and various other factors.  You should also feel comfortable with your ability to sing that well-known falsetto, or play that legendary guitar solo, bass run, keyboard interlude, or drum-fill that fans of that song/artist would come to expect.   You do NOT need to be a virtuoso; however, you do need to have the basic skills and confidence to be able to competently learn & perform the parts you commit to when you sign up, with the understanding that THERE ARE NO PRIOR GROUP REHEARSALS.
5.) WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?  Bring yourself .... fully prepared to perform your songs.    Bring your own Guitar or Bass (or make arrangements in advance to share).  Keyboards will be provided, however you are welcome to bring your own keyboard.   We suggest bringing a spare set of strings, and a possibly a battery for your active instrument as well.  Amps, Drums, Keyboards, Monitors  as well as full PA will be provided.  Drummers should bring their own sticks.  If you're bringing gear you'd like to share, let us know.
a.) "WHAT GUARANTEES THAT A SONG WILL GO GREEN?" A song is completed and "GOES GREEN" as soon as ALL players are in position, and there are no remaining vacant instrument or vocal slots for this song.  When a song Goes Green, all players are locked in place and the song will definitely be added to the Late Night Live Performance Schedule, so those on the song can begin rehearsing their parts  at home.
b.) "WHAT HAPPENS IF A SONG I'VE CHOSEN DOES NOT GO GREEN BY THE TIME THE GRID CLOSES?"  While we can't guarantee every song will be completed, we have contingencies in place that will ensure enough songs get completed to fill the available scheduled time.  Your song team is responsible for contacting each other (usually via a Facebook or Facebook Messenger) to discuss specifics of the song's key, endings, performing a live version, etc.    Groups that meet regularly on Facebook Messenger (or alternate platform) to coordinate their parts and discuss progress have a much better chance to pull off a flawless performance.

A schedule will be posted shortly after the Late Night Live Grid is completed.  It will include the songs to be played, as well as the date and approximate times they are scheduled.  Please be in the performance lounge a couple of songs before your song begins; especially in cases where the schedule is pushed ahead (or back)  due to varying circumstances.  Please be at the designated side-stage “Pit Area” with your gear, ready to plug in at least one song prior to going on. The schedule will flex in case we need to address a technical issue, or a Featured Artist who may be performing with us.  Please don't count on all of your songs being chained together in one block, although it is possible.
8.) IT'S A MONTH BEFORE CTTE, AND I REALIZE I CAN'T MAKE IT.  WHAT DO I DO?  Please let us know as soon as possible, so we can determine how to fill your vacant slots. Otherwise, any songs you're on will have to be dropped at the last minute, and there will be some very disappointed musicians who are at risk of not being able to perform their songs.     

Thanks for your support!!!
 The "CTTE Late Night LIVE Prog Experience!" Grid Team

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