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Lead Vocals (also backing vocals, acoustic guitar, mellotron) - - 5th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Carole King, John Denver, Evanescence, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Depeche Mode

My earliest musical memories were listening to Carole King and John Denver on my parents huge stereo, Big Bands coming through Grandmas radio, and music in Temple. I probably sung before I spoke. I was always singing. My parents indulged me by taking me to my favorite restaurants where I could listen to live music. I sang in choir in Temple, then High School and college choirs. I became a music teacher so I could...that's right...keep singing! I sang to my babies and now I sing to my goats! If something comes up in conversation that can be sung to, I'll sing it! I guess I could say "I sing, therefore I am!"


Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals - - 2nd CTTE - Favorite Artists - - Phil Collins, Beatles, Meatloaf, Rush, Genesis, Renaissance, Yes

Looking forward to my first CTTE. I am currently a Junior at Montclair State University studying Early Childhood Education, with Musical Theater Minor. I have been singing as long as I can remember. I have performed as both a lead character and ensemble member in High School musicals such as Oliver, Oklahoma & The Wedding Singer.


Lead Vocalist - - 2nd CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Marillion, Genesis (Hackett era), King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Depeche Mode, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Mr Bungles

Music and live shows especially is one of my favorite things in the world!
The emotional and creative connection only music can generate means the world to me, whether I'm on stage or in the audience. I live for the brief moments of eye-contact and shared admiration or hilarity that may occur :D

This is my first cruise! After dreaming about it for years, this year's incredible line-up finally tipped me over the edge ;)


Lead Vocals (also keyboards, guitar) - - 3rd CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Marillion, Genesis, King Crimson, ELP, Styx, Neal Morse Band, Spock's Beard, Steven Wilson

Lead singer for Philadelphia-area tribute bands Afterimage (Rush), since 2006, and Know Return (Kansas), since 2013. Occasional keyboards and guitar.   Discovered Yes, Genesis, and Asia as a young teen as their early 80s hits were released, then worked my way backward into 70s prog.  Patent attorney by trade. Dad to an eight-year-old boy.


Lead Vocals (also bass, drums, guitar, keyboard) - - 5th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: John Wetton, UK, Asia, KIng Crimson, Elton John, Roxy Music, Be Bop Deluxe, No Small Children, Dangerous Stranger, Yes, ELP, etc.

I am building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. You have my gratitude. I'll need a dozen towels so the boys can take a shower. Less than if, is more than but, why times equals sometimes not. I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.


Lead & Backing Vocals (also acoustic guitar) - - 4th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Spock's, Neal Morse Band, Porcupine Tree/Wilson projects, Yes, Anathema, most symphonic prog bands, world music, new age, and more!

I'm a huge prog rock advocate/fan/zealot. The last two CTTE's and one PNAS cruises I've been on have been some of the highest times of my life. I love music of all styles as well, especially world music, folk and new age/instrumental, but the past 5 years I've mostly been listening to modern prog bands. My main musical outlet is leading evenings of ecstatic chant, also known as Kirtan. This is a spiritual practice that is lovely to offer with groups of people, so I am used to leading crowds of a dozen or a hundred or more. My wife and I also lead workshops and events with chanting as a prime focus. I also am a kids' music performer and pretty much have an acoustic guitar in my hands on a daily basis, though 99% of what I play is much simpler than the prog repertoire. I have released several CD's of my original chanting music, a CD of instrumental finger style guitar and a DVD of my kids music. I also have worked with the homeless community in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado for the past 15 years. 

Please connect with me on Facebook if we're not already "friends" there. I also share a website with my wife for more info on our chanting and events schedule:  I can't wait to continue the prog music adventure on CTTE and beyond! See you there!...


Lead Vocals (also flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, violin, harmonica, backing vocals) - - 3rd CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Pink Floyd

My first forays into music were driving my family crazy learning to play John Denver songs on my guitar. At the same time however, I was also obsessed with The Beatles – playing and singing. And about this same time I was introduced to a new artist – some guy named Jethro Tull. As it turned out it wasn’t a solo artist, but a band. It was a mistake many of us here in America made in the early days. My first memories of Tull were from the “Warchild” album. What fantastic music! It was unlike anything I had ever heard. From that moment on I was hooked. I just couldn’t get enough. Since I was a bit of a shy kid, I didn’t have a whole lot of friends so I spent endless hours listening to and singing along with that album.

Well one day about five years ago now, I found myself unemployed from two jobs as a result of the crash of ’08. It was then that I decided to pick up the guitar again and jump back into music. Then about two months later I bought my first flute. And now today I’m a singer, flautist, acoustic guitarist, and general instrumentalist in two hard rock bands - Wallace Blvd and a soon to be Jethro Tull cover band. 


Lead & Backing Vocals (also bass/rhythm guitar) - - 5th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Genesis, The Beatles, King Crimson, UK, ELP, Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney, Gentle Giant, Echolyn, Lifesigns, Dave Kerzner Band, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Caravan, The Moody Blues

My name is Ed, and I'm a frustrated musician who is getting back into the world of bands and performance after two decades of children/jobs/responsibilities. I'm primarily a bass player or rhythm guitarist, yet I've been singing lead vocals in Late Night Live 2017. I plan to play as well as sing this coming year. I've never had a lesson in my life, yet I'm one of those people who can pick up an instrument and 'figure out' how to play songs I've only heard once or twice. As a child I was told I was naturally musically gifted, yet my parents refused to get me lessons or allow me to take any music related courses in school. Instead of following my bliss, I entered the working world and have toiled there for many years. Now that I'm older, the music has called me back and thanks to Late Night Live and the wonderful players within, I've rekindled that side of my being. Big "Thank You's" to Larry Morand, Rob Rutz and the OTB Crew for making it possible, but BIG love to Bill Goldman, Devora Goldman, Ken Slater, Joel Simches, Carolyn Corella, Bob Harris, Suzanne Mulhall and the rest of the Late Night Live FAMILY for encouraging me out of my shell and back on a stage where I belong. Thanks guys!


Lead & Backing Vocals - - 4th CTTE - Favorite Artists: None Stated

I have always loved to sing and perform with people who share the same passion for music as I.  When I was in college I was a singer in band who mostly played at balls, but we also liked writing songs. I have sung a few songs on albums, including ones that my mother has written. It's amazing to have the chance to sing prog music with all these wonderful people that come together on this trip..


Lead & Backing Vocals - - 4th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Marillion, Neal Morse Band, Flying Colors, Anathema, Haken, Dream Theater, Steve Hackett

Like many other singers, I took my first steps at the school choir, I started guitar lessons when I think about the music that built me, the first memories that come to mind are my Dad and Brother at home, listening to all these great bands, such as Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Vangelis, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, UK and Tangerine Dream just to name a few. However, not everything unfolded so smoothly in my life. At the age of 17 I became a Mom, so the main focus became work and study to support my family and secure my future. Still, I was far away from abandoning my musical aspirations. So I continued singing in the choir, traveling to choir meetings, and this became the background music of this new chapter of my life. Years went by and in 2005 my music journey took me to a Dream Theater concert where I met Gustavo Ceaglio, who would become my partner in life and guitar player. And it was not long after that, when we decided to jump into, what I call, the “Marillion experience”.

We were part of a PROGFEST in our city, during 4 consecutive years.  I had honor of singing with Clive Nolan. Meanwhile in 2014, thanks to the generous and kind Steve Rothery, we got the opportunity to play together, right after a week Marillion’s gig in Argentina.  In 2015 the members from Fugazi, tribute band from Santiago, Chile invited me to sing too. Counting the days 2 meet U


Lead & Backing Vocals - - 5th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Marillion, Lifesigns, Echolyn, October Project

I grew up in a house where my older siblings had control of the stereo, so I was influenced by their love of Yes, Pink Floyd, CSNY, and many others. I started singing in elementary school, and that continued, with piano and voice lessons in middle and high school. My enjoyment of music lead to becoming a DJ, first at a low-wattage station on Long Island, then in college, and then professionally in Western Maryland.  My dad wanted me to major in music in college, but as a mediocre piano player, I didn't see much happening for a singer with a music degree except for teaching, and I didn't want to do that (surprise, I went back to school and work in an education role!) Nowadays, you'll find me singing the harmony lines along with whatever is playing on the car stereo. That could be 80's new wave, jazz, or more likely, Marillion, Rush, Genesis, Echolyn, or October Project.


Lead & Backing Vocals (also drums) - - 5th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Genesis, Kevin Gilbert, Peter Gabriel, Spock's Beard, Toto, Ambrosia, Enchant, Chicago, Saga

Rob serves CTTE's Late Night LIVE Prog Experience as project coordinator and master of ceremonies, working closely with fellow all-volunteer Late Night Production team colleagues and the senior management of Cruise To The Edge's producer On The Blue (OTB). CTTE's Late Night LIVE program is possibly the largest volunteer project in Rob's adult life, which says a lot about the scope of Late Night LIVE. As background, Rob is the artist relations coordinator for global webcast radio station House of Prog ( He also volunteers on ProgStock Music Festival's management team, a New Jersey-based festival that will take place Oct. 13-15, 2017. Rob is drummer-vocalist in a classic rock cover band Argyle Bananas, which he founded with his son TJ and local musician friends.  A lifelong music scene fanatic and broadcast buff, Rob began his official work in the music industry as a 13-year-old founder of WMSS-FM, a terrestrial radio station. Launched by junior high school students, WMSS is still in operation today in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Including Cruise To The Edge, Rob and his family have been on more than 24 cruises "of all kinds" including every Moody Blues Cruise since its founding. Rob is thrilled and honored to be a part of CTTE's Late Night LIVE family and encourages everyone to be involved, especially as an active patron in the audience cheering on those who work so hard and offer such talent to the cause.

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Guitars (also drums & vocals) - - 6th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Genesis, ELP, Frank Zappa, Dixie Dregs

 As long as I can remember, my life has been surrounded by music. My 1st major influence was the Beatles. When I turned 8, I was determined to be a drummer. However, we lived in an apartment, so I couldn't get drums. My mother suggested I take up guitar. Holding my 1st guitar seemed so natural & before you knew it I was playing Beatles songs & singing away. During my school years, nothing could take me away from my musical studies & after graduating I informed my mother that university was not in the cards for me. Growing up in Toronto supplied a generous number of excellent musicians & during the 70s & 80s live music was everywhere.  At 18 I joined my first rock band & now at 60, & after 40 years of travelling & playing, I find myself doing what I always did. I play generally 3 hours daily & continue writing my own compositions. I have started my 2nd round of original music in hopes of it being completed this year, & on my 2nd solo CD.  My stage name is Jack The Riffer.  At 21 I was fortunate enough to see an unknown act in Toronto. GENTLE GIANT. That night changed my direction of writing forever.  Being a prog player made it a challenge to play live, & I was fortunate to be in several prog bands over the years.  Over The Garden Wall was an excellent GENESIS tribute act that I was in during the mid 80s-90s. I also played in a YES tribute band YES SHOWS where I was able to play both Steve Howe & Trevor Rabin era YES material.  Besides cover bands I played for original acts.  The original bands were, TEMPEST, EVEREST, MYTH & AIRKRAFT where I played great original material with some very talented musicians doing prog music. I also toured with several recording acts. Heavy metal singer, composer Lee Aaron was one of them. She taught me to pose like a heavy rocker! What a blast that was. Now what it comes down to is being able to play & record what I want, regardless of what anyone thinks about it. I have so many notes going through my mind I simply must express them.  Being able to attend & play on all the CTTE’s has been a shining thread for me.  A lifeline gift for a lifetime of listening to the best music ever, & I look forward to playing & listening to all of you. 


Guitar - - 4th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Marillion, Neal Morse Band, Flying Colors, Haken, Dream Theater, Steve Hackett

To me, it was all about the guitar from the very beginning.  I started pretty early, 5 years old. I didn’t even know how to read well, however one thing I knew for certain; I wanted to play guitar. And so the universe sent the first acoustic guitar!

2005 was a year of changes. I met Loy Pescio, and our shared passion for the same kind of music caused us to connect almost immediately. A decision was made. The name of our new born tribute band would be Sugar Mice.  But, something magical happened….. We found a lot of people that shared our passion, and that placed us on several incredible shows, made us a part of the La Plata Prog Fest during 4 years in a row;  One of my personal highlights was when Loy and I got to share the stage with Steve Rothery in 2014. It was one of those moments I will always treasure.  And I, personally, couldn’t feel more privileged to do so! 


I can’t wait to play some great music for all of you on this unique cruise.  See you there!


Guitar - - 4th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Dream Theater, Steven Wilson, King Crimson, Opeth, Meshuggah, etc.

 My story is far from over. I am 27 and have been playing since I was 14. I've been teaching guitar since I was 17 at a local music shop in my home town. I love technically challenging stuff (and I mean very technically challenging stuff... "Let's do the dance of eternity by Dream Theater" sort of challenging stuff).  I look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Guitar - - 4th CTTE - - Favorite Artist: Rush

Computer geek for 40+ years. Love Rush and playing Rush. Yes I have played other songs by other bands but I enjoy playing Rush songs more than anything else. They are just more fun for me to play.

The best part of CTTE and The Grid are the people.


Guitar (also bass/upright, keyboards) - - 4th CTTE - - Favortite Artists: Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, Steely Dan, Allen Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Al DiMeola

I started on bass in high school in 1978. Switched to guitar in college and studied music while performing in local bands and giving lessons in music stores. Finished college and moved to LA CA to attend Musicians Institute where I graduated with honors. Got hired by Roland US in 1990 as a product specialist/clinician. They offered me a sales rep position in 1997 and I moved to Ohio. I am a professional toy salesman :)

I currently perform with several different music projects. I play the role of Alex Lifeson in 2112 "The Spirit Of Rush". That band has a spin off cover band that opens for the Rush tribute show where we switch instrument and I play keyboards (left hand bass) and sing. I also play the roles of Peter Green, Lindsey Buckingham, and Howard Leese in a Fleetwood Mac/Heart double tribute show band. Finally my favorite music group is a jazz band in which I play upright bass.


Guitar (also vocals, bass) - - 4th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Haken, Rush, Gazpacho, Dream Theater, Tool, Pink Floyd, Agent Fresco, Coheed and Cambria, Steven Wilson, The Dear Hunter

Love to play. Let's play.

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Bass Guitar (also flute, Sax, Oboe, Drums, Ukulele) - - 6th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Rush, Yes, Genesis, Cheap Trick, B52s, RuPaul, The Beatles, Gilbert & Sullivan and anything Sondheim

I have loved music all my life. Some of my earliest memories are associated with music (thank you Ed Sullivan Show). My first instrument was a Telestar ukulele that my mother got for me with Green Stamps when I was around 7 years old and home sick with some horrible flu. Ukulele led to guitar and then in middle school I took up flute (second choice, because everyone wanted to play drums!). I then became the quintessential band geek. In high school, I would poke around the band storage rooms and ask to borrow an instrument and teach myself how to play it. That is how I picked up bass, oboe and sax. Along with living in the band room, I began playing in rock bands; Pop, Punk and Prog! I then went to college to major in music education. Due to the loss of my parents, I didn't get to finish college. In 1986 I moved to Boston for music scene. That is where I met my partner in crime, Joel Simches. We've been playing together in various bands and musical projects for the past 25 years (Curious Ritual, One of Us, The Boston Rock Opera, Joe Turner & The Seven Levels, Butterscott). I'm also in Bikini Whale (as Sara Lee), New England's premier B-52s experience!


Bass Guitar (also keyboards, guitar) - - 5th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant, UK, Steven Wilson, Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo, Beatles, Creedence.

Grew up on Long Island. Began piano lessons at 4.  Sixth grade band teacher got pissed off at me for emptying my trombone's spit valve a few times on the kid sitting in front of me (well it was funny at the time). He took my trombone, stuck a bass guitar in my hands & said welcome to jazz band.  Got my own bass at 13, a '71 pink sunburst Ric, and feverishly took off learning how to play. Saw King Crimson for the 1st time on April 28th 1973. Still remember that date.  John Wetton/Bill Bruford, most powerful rhythm section I ever heard. John's playing changed my life. I HAD to play like that. In '74, I followed Crimson all over the the east coast, became friends with two roadies, & for the final 3 shows I was allowed to "assist" them (don't touch anything kid).  At the last show in Central Park, backstage pass around my neck, I watched from the wings. Nobody knew it then, but that night's encore "Starless" was the last song they ever played live with that lineup. In college I was in a few bands, including a rising NY punk band. We played the CBGB, & Max's Kansas City circuit from '77 to '79, and met just about everyone in the NYC underground music scene. Through those connections, I freelanced as a session musician through the mid 80's and did mainly TV commercials & jingles.  Wrote some original songs, formed a band to play them (Dear France), and in the late 80's we were signed to Passion Records (div of WB). Soon afterwards, the company founder was arrested & later imprisoned for serial child molestation. Company folded, contract voided. I took a break from music.  Fast forward... got married, had kids, moved to Florida, played in local bands, got divorced, started 2 successful companies,  And then in 2003, I met Devora.... love of my life!!!  Five terrific kids between us.  We got married in 2010, bought a ranch in the sticks with cows, horses, goats, chickens, etc. Then in 2014, I happened upon an advertisement for something called "Cruise To The Edge".... and I think you know the rest!!   Here we go again.....Welcome to The Grid :-)


Bass Guitar (also guitar, vocals) - - 6th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Rush, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, JethroTull, Tool

Early music memories: Ed Sullivan Show, Archie's, Beatles, Soul Train, American Bandstand.  First album purchase: Kool and the Gang - Wild and Peaceful.  First stadium concert: Alice Cooper, Welcome to My Nightmare, Madison Square Garden.  First instrument played : Piano lessons at Mrs. Duffy's apartment in Stuyvesant Town. She would give you little busts of Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Liszt, etc. when you completed a nice piece. First bass guitar: Red Fender Mustang with racing stripes purchased new from Manny's on 48th street in 1974 or 75.  First Rickenbacker bass: 1978 white 4001 purchased from Alex Music on 48th, wanted to be like Chris, still have it. Number of basses owned: Don't ask, it's a disease and a HIPAA violation to disclose. Favorite bassists: Chris, Geddy, Geezer, Stanley, Jaco, TLev, JPJ.   Musical styles: I've performed everything from punk to jazz to church music, but I keep coming back to Prog and Metal. Band I was in that almost made it: Human Furniture, out of Durham NC, one of the seminal punk/new wave outfits that led the burgeoning music scene in the Triangle area in the early 80's.  Current projects:1.Tooloji - A Tribute to Tool2. Mark Zeus and Thunderboltz (country/western/roots/Americana)


I missed the piano bar action on the first cruise because I was destroying people at the poker table in the casino after the shows. Before the second cruise, I learned about the planned electric jam on Facebook and I was all over it. I encouraged friends like Rob Schmoll and Vaughan Merlyn to come aboard. Great group of musicians and great time playing tunes I have always wanted to play or haven't played in decades, in front of a great crowd of appreciative proglodytes and the occasional Prog royalty.


Bass Guitar (also backing vocals) - - 4rd CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Mudvayne, Killing Joke, Skinny Puppy, King Crimson, John Wetton, Trent Reznor, FNM/MRB/MP

Hailing from the marshy glacier scarred knolls of Boston's north shore and GTN 33 Studios comes a bass player of no established renown. Mixing proggy polyrhythms, blasting locomotive rhythms, aggressive funkishness he seeks to never play the same notes twice. Failing miserably, comfort is found in the minor 7th, the slapped 4th chord, and double octave dropped tuning. In fact he has never tuned a string below low low Gb. Having played piano, trained classically at the time of an impressionable wee lad in the mid continent and nearly marched over in high school, he has shunned paper, which is best left for mathematical formulae, left his midi sequencer in the cold, and relaxed to an existence of feeling and breathing the transdimensional channel. Enjoys: Video Game Music, Prog, Nu-Metal, Fusion, anything played live, and physical CDs. Currently in the band Kurst (earlier name of project Solis Rein), also known to select few in RNL, and an honorary member of kRon. Favorite bassists include Ryan Martinie and Tony Levin, and don't forget Billy Gould and Dirk Lance. Favorite under the radar musicians include Tim Wright and the old band Systematic. Plays Ampeg/Aguilar amplification and Ibanez & Warwick axes.


Bass Guitar (also drums, keyboards, vocals) - - 6th CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Yes, ELP, Genesis, Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Eno, Roxy Music, Asia

Music has always been an important part of my life from a very early age. My uncle used to be a dance band drummer and let me sit on his kit and play when I was about 5 and that was it. Hooked. I've been playing in bands since age 14. I have travelled the world as a musician and as a live sound engineer for various bands over the last 35+ years. My current bands are Circuline, Count Zero, Butterscott, Gramlins and What About Naomi. I also work as a studio engineer, producing loads of bands from Boston for the past 25+ years.  Cruise To The Edge started for me and my wife, Carolyn, as a wedding/honeymoon gift from my mother and has now become a family tradition, not only for my own family, but for the family of musicians and music fans I have met because of these cruises. You have all become my dearest friends.  It's an honour and a privilege to get up on stage with music fans from all over the world, playing the kind of music that has inspired me (and all of us) from such a young age. I look f